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Dada Dada Ding 
Music Video (
Sequence 4)

Full Boards

A boarded music video that follows four runaway  women  making their way through dimensions with the help of their leader. A collaborative storyboarding project, I was assigned to write and board the final sequence along with designing the final character. 

For the character concept,

I knew wanted go for clothing that would be very movable so I design 3 outfits in my style to see which best suit the scene. In the end once the script was final, I changed her outfit completely. 

cgar dsgn.jpg

Initial Concept Design 

Char desn copy.jpg

Final Design 

Dada Ding-0083.jpg
Dada Ding-0191.jpg
Dada Ding-0736.jpg
Dada Ding-0664.jpg

Final Boards 

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