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Full Boards

A storyboard assignment based on a blind reading of "The Walking Dead" pilot script.  I explored dramatic lighting and composition to really push the emotion of the scenes. From reading the script, I had pick 20 story beats to draw. 

Thumbs 1 copy.jpg
Thumbs 13 copy.jpg
Thumbs 8 copy.jpg
Thumbs 2 copy.jpg

Sketches showcasing the final compositions before fully rendering the beats.


Early thumbnails of the first two beats

Thumbs 9 copy.jpg
Thumbs 17 copy.jpg

Final boards from sketches (on right)

TWD COLOR 5 copy.jpg
TWD COLOR 10 copy.jpg
TWD COLOR19 copy.jpg

Color Script I created on the side to see different ways of really pushing the mood. 

rick exploration1_edited.png

Rick Grimes character exploration.

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 12.16.12 PM.png
rick exploration2.png

One of the main jacket references used when creating Ricks design

rick exploration 3.png

Zombie sketches to really get a feel of the world and characters i'm drawing. 

rick exploration 4.png

The "Zombie Girl" from beat one serves as an important piece in the pilots script. Before laying out her design, I decided to quickly sketch out how she would look before the virus make contact to make her design more grousome.

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